आफ्नो शहर सम्झेर….

मलाई यतिबेला असनको धेरै याद आइरहेको छ अनि चक्रपथको गित बजाउने माइक्रो पनि जसमा चढेर म बेकारमा चक्रपथको चक्कर लाउथेँ! यो शहरमा चक्रपथ छैन त्यसैले म कानमा इयरफोन लगाउछु र चर्को स्वरमा गित सुन्छु अनि हेर्छु एउटा ठुलो सहर जो बोलिरहेको छ तर मेरो कानसम्म उसको आवाज पुगेको छैन! यसरी म यो शहरबाट तटस्थ छु किन कि मलाई मेरो शहरको औधि माया छ जति टाढा भए पनि म उसैसंग गासिन चाहन्छु 🙂

I have never

OK, this is just a comparison with Tajim I wanted to see what I have done that Tajim has never done and what we both have not done ever.

  • Seen an Ocean : I have seen an ocean, Indian Ocean. When I saw it first time, I wanted to scream but to show myself very clam and matured I could not do so. I was on field trip and was with programmer officer of AMWIK where I work. Next morning, I woke up early and went to beach alone and I screamed. I said, I love you chhorrrrriiiiiiii! I have not told anyone about it so far in office. Because they think I went to beach first time when our office assistant Muredi took me there another day.
  • Been to a swimming pool: Me too. No no, I have been to swimming pool many times but not to swim. LOL! Just to ask if I get a lady instructor.
  • Flown Overseas: I am in Kenya now. I also went Uganda, another African country.
  • Travelled on the roof of a moving bus: Many times and I always loved to do so.
  • Jumped Out of a plane or a bridge (Bungee **Scary**): Not yet. But I will do once I go back to Nepal this time.
  • Touched Snow � the real one, not that which is made in a fridge : I have touched few times. Once when I went to Humla and few times in Daman while I was going to Kathmandu.
  • Seen a 3D Movie: Not yet. And I am really not interested as well.
  • Seen an Imax Movie: Me too.
  • Been on a roller coaster: Me too.
  • Smoked: Few times.
  • Gone Serious Trekking � though I live in Nepal: I have not done any trekking for the sake of trekking but have been many hilly places including Rolpa. I hope I will go for trekking seriously very soon.
  • Visited a dentist: My elder sister is dental assistant and she has helped me few times when I had problem.
  • Owned a camera. (not even analog once): I have SAMSUNG digital camera since last Feb.
  • Been to a Gym: Me too. I even don�t want to think of it.
  • Seen a Lion or Tiger: I have seen Lion in Kenya. As Kenya is famous for jungle safari I have seen Zebra and Giraffe as well.
  • Gone to any serious forest/jungle: I have been to Charakose jhadi which is the biggest jungle in Nepal.
  • Applied for US Diversity VISA (99% of Nepalese have probably applied once): I did once in 2006. I was so desperate to go abroad but luckily I was not enough �lucky�
  • Applied for VISA of any country: I have.
  • Gone more than 6 months in any serious day-job: I have done some and some I had to quit before six months.
  • Seen any Himesh Reshammiya Movie (this one for Bollywood Fans): Me too. And I don�t want to see any.
  • Been to any underground concerts.: Me too.
  • Been to a discotheuqe.: Few times in Kathmandu and twice in Kenya while we were having our preparatory course.
  • Climbed on any high speed elevator: I have to do here when I go to Nyayo house to extend my visa.
  • Been to top floor of any high rise building.: On 40th floor when I went to KICC building.
  • Met a Chinese. : I have met two.
  • Had a buffet lunch/dinner.: Plenty of times. I love it. But here in Kenya have to wait someone to tell me that this meat is not beef.
  • Seen an actual theater play: Many times in Gurukul.
  • Used Linux: I don�t know.
  • Owned any Smartphone.: Me too. Once I thought of buying iphone but when I came to know price I almost went on silent mod.
  • Drank Beer (Cant�t stand the smell of that shit): I have drank few times and I loved the smell and taste both J
  • Been on a plane in Nepal (only flew twice in India): Few times from Biratnagar to Kathmandu, Kathmandu to Pokhara, Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. I have been on helicopter many times while I was working for UNMIN.
  • Been to any Nepali Airport: Many. Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Humla, Dolpa, Mugu, Jakapur.
  • Had an ICQ account: What is it?
  • Neither used IRC: What is it?
  • Been on TV Camera.: When I worked for America Darpan I was shown many times on TV because I used to be camera person that time. LOL�I have been interviewed once for KTV.
  • Had a Girlfriend: Now I am happily single. I have three year old daughter.
  • Had a credit card.: Me too.
  • Celebrated my Birthday: Me too.
  • Received �gift ever from anyone ( someone send me ): I have received some but I don�t like giving and receiving gifts.
  • And Last one,

    I have never been admitted in a hospital.: I have been several times.